About The Gerben Foundation

Message from our Founder
Lynn E. Thompson

When I first heard Gerben’s diagnosis, I was devastated. Then I learned that Canine Lymphoma is a leading cause of death in dogs and that it occurs more frequently in some breeds than others. First I was angry, then I decided it was time for me to fight back, so I formed the Gerben Foundation.

Canine Lymphoma can be conquered, but it will take time and money, and that’s where The Gerben Foundation comes in. The Foundation’s charter is to provide financial support for research and treatment of Canine Lymphoma so that, one day in the future, the disease will be cured or no longer life-threatening. As an additional benefit, research into Canine Lymphoma may also help researchers in their quest for a better understanding of Human Lymphoma, including improved treatments, and a cure.

Thank you so much,
Lynn E. Thompson