The friendship between dogs and people goes back more than 10,000 years. It is a strong relationship that aids both species in more ways than one can count. It is in furtherance of our special relationship with our trusted companions that the Gerben Foundation has committed itself to helping eliminate canine lymphoma, a disease that shortens the lives of far too many dogs.

Our path is clear. We are committed to supporting research into the causes of canine lymphoma, and discovery of new and better treatments, and ultimately cures for the many forms of the disease. We are particularly interested in both the genetic and environmental factors that cause it, knowing that the best solution is eliminating them.

People are a big reason that canine lymphoma is becoming even more common today. We innocently produce and disseminate environmental toxins, some of which are known carcinogens while others are prime suspects. In addition, our love of breeds has created a genetic time bomb. We love our Goldens, Boxers, Mastiffs, Spaniels and hundreds of other breeds and passionately breed their characteristics generation after generation, including cancer causing or cancer helping mutations or genes. Thus, we contribute to the canine plague that stalks an ever-growing number of our canine friends, making lymphoma a near plague.

We think it doesn’t take that much effort to make things better and we ask you to join us in our mission.